The anti-fragile playbook and community activation app

You have the means necessary to effect positive change within your community, and in collaboration with FutureStory Labs, we're making it easy for you emerge as the hometown hero.

Elaboration: What is the anti-fragile playbook?

In a brief elaboration upon the prior video, we go into greater detail into the scope of our community activation work.

how does it work?

By using our community activation app, the community impact organization helps the community "go into business with itself," where the primary benefits are delivered to the citizens.

dollars and sense

In this video, we illustrate the "dollars and sense" behind our community activation mobile app (Apple iOS and Google Android).

Example Customer


Tanya Golden (of Golden Traditional Saffron) shares her story, and speaks with Kent Dahlgren (of 214 Alpha) and Ruth Glendinning (of Future Story Lab) of her vision for a community rooted in the generous spirit of reciprocity.