For the government, down in the gutter and out in the streets is their last mile; for us, it's our first.

What is 214 Alpha?

We provide a novel solution for community impact organizations to secure a lucrative stream of recurring revenue that roots them in their community.

What kinds of community impact organizations? Cooperatives, non-profits, churches, mutual aid networks, grassroots activists, and neighborhood groups.

Within our model, a motivated community impact organization might expect to break-even financially by nine months, and double their initial investment in a year through the introduction of a community-centric marketplace app.

What makes our app unique?

The 214 ALpha app

The seven things that make our marketplace (self-governance) app unique.

onboarding process

We guide locally-sourced leadership from outrage to stewardship through action in service to their community, using the Community Activation and Launch Methodology, which leverages 35+ years activist experience within thousands of communities.