Seven essential functions, pre-integrated and customized into a single user experience

Digital Identity

Digital Identity establishes and verifies the secure identity of any person, business, or bot applying to join and operate within the community


Our mobile application facilitates “chat-style” or “forum-line” communications between members of a customer community which is highly-secure and encrypted


Anyone approved to join our client’s private community can seek to buy or sell goods or services utilizing high-trust private or public blockchain


Design your community to offer secure accounts for storing individual digital records of tokens or other forms of assets or currency

Digital reputation

Every transaction or trade is evaluated for performance, rated through multiple criteria, including: satisfaction, timeliness, responsiveness, and 14 other subjective and objective criteria

arbitration and self-governance

Our customers run their own affairs as they see fit. If there is a disagreement, there are built-in means to arbitrate or resolve it using a private administrative process