Who are we?

We've been delivering successful, mass-market software and hardware products for over 25+ years, since the Internet's early days.

We've been through more than several "hype cycles."

So we know that the technology itself isn't really pertinent.

What is pertinent: the needs of a community that's dissatisfied with their current state of affairs.

What's our values?

Protect the vulnerable. Restore people's dignity, on their terms.

What's a community?

We define a community as two or more individuals sharing a singleness of purpose, typically rallied around high-integrity values such as trust.

We consider "communities" to be the building block of human interaction, and the good news: it's how we all already function.

A "community" may be a neighborhood association; a club; a rural population with a shared resource; a business-to-business collaboration, or any other such body.

How we work with you

There are communities who are in need of assistance. Perhaps you're a member of one of them.

Ideally you're able to explain the needs of your community, without relying upon technical jargon.

That's our native language, not technology.

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and we will listen, using your descriptions. Your language. Your needs.

In response we will deliver a proposed plan for how we will enable your community to achieve order, on your terms.

Our Software

Our engineering team releases updates every week, and publishes a "roadmap," which allows transparency into our development priorities and progress.

Available for Google Android and Apple iOS, and soon for Windows, Linux, and MacOS desktop environments, our software provides workflow, transaction, and educational solutions for "communities."

We are a "white label" engineering team, which means your community can apply your name and logo, and can "take credit" for the functionality which is provided by our software.