For the government, down in the gutter and out in the streets is their last mile; for us, it's our first.

What is 214 Alpha?

We created a government so small you can fit it in your pocket.

We provide a novel solution for community impact organizations to secure a lucrative stream of recurring revenue that roots them in their community.

What kinds of community impact organizations? 

Cooperatives, non-profits, churches, mutual aid networks, grassroots activists, and neighborhood groups.

Within our model, a motivated community impact organization might expect to break-even financially by nine months, and double their initial investment in a year through the introduction of a community-centric marketplace app.

What makes our app unique?

The 214 ALpha app

The seven things that make our marketplace (self-governance) app unique.

app Demo: voting

In this short video, CEO Kent Dahlgren illustrates the voting feature, as seen by the voting member of the Austin Arts Marketplace community. 

App demo: arbitration

In this short video, CEO Kent Dahlgren illustrates the arbitration feature, as seen by both the buyer, the seller, and Austin Arts administrators acting as arbitrators behind the scenes. 

app demo: reputation

In this short video, CEO Kent Dahlgren illustrates the reputation feature, as seen by both the shopper, and Austin Arts administrators behind the scenes. 

onboarding process

We guide locally-sourced leadership from outrage to stewardship through action in service to their community, using the Community Activation and Launch Methodology, which leverages 35+ years activist experience within thousands of communities.