For the government, down in the gutter and out in the streets is their last mile; for us, it's our first.

What is 214 Alpha?

We provide a novel solution for community impact organizations to secure a lucrative stream of recurring revenue that roots them in their community.

What kinds of community impact organizations? Non-profits, churches, mutual aid networks, grassroots activists, and neighborhood groups.

Within our model, a motivated community impact organization might expect to break-even financially by nine months, and double their initial investment in a year through the introduction of a community-centric marketplace app.

Finally, our hands-on support services guides locally-sourced leadership from outrage to stewardship through action in service to their community, using the Community Activation and Launch Methodology, which leverages 35+ years activist experience within thousands of communities.


Golden tradition Saffron

Tanya Golden built and launched her own farm, growing saffron, and with the success of her business has decided to sponsor her own app, sponsoring a self-sufficient, self-governing community for indigenous and vulnerable women.

She will pair indigenous and vulnerable women with a female mentor to learn valuable skills and crafts, and over time themselves graduate to become part of the matronage (a community of female mentors) to extend the benefit to others (virtual community) , thus allowing her to transition her business into a 501(c)(3).

214 Alpha makes this dream a reality, with an easy-to-use private label mobile app.

Example customer

Pursuance will be an app that enables individuals to organize in the pursuit of shared goals.

Individuals can form or join a “pursuance” to work toward a common goal.

Pursuances combine secure task management and discussion features, allowing newcomers to quickly get up to speed and enabling productive team-wide collaboration. Will include high-trust reporting of news and events, etc.

The strategic vision is to have an open-source platform, but Pursuance is beginning with 214 Alpha under the governance maxim "whomever mints the coin writes the rules."

Using 214 Alpha's platform, each Pursuance becomes financially self-sustainable, so they can become self-governing while ensuring their community is fed and housed.

As this system grows, 214 Alpha will work with Pursuance to launch and sustain an open source community to support the platform as it evolves.

Example customer

Deb's House Austin

Deborah Smith is the face behind Deb's House, a homeless shelter for women here in Austin. Deb has been homeless in Austin, and has a vision for something better.

Her goal is to create a shelter unlike what is currently offered; the current system has too many gaps, and people fall through the cracks.

The current system operates as a revolving door, where individuals are given a 60 to 90 day period before they are asked to leave, left with nowhere to go and no case manager or support structure.

Deb's House will be a healthy and clean place that will accommodate longer stays to allow women to get back on their feet.

Her envisioned first-phase will feature pop-up camps that serve as the first step for an eventually fixed and persistent tiny home community for homeless women

example customer

Bürki Enterprises

After "listening" to more than 500 small businesses and community members within a seven county rural area of West Virginia, three main constant components are obvious to develop a sustainable enterprise: product, marketing, and financial management.

There is not one entrepreneur in West Virginia nor in the world that can have all three without partners.

to that end, Bürki Enterprises is partnering with 214 Alpha to provide a turn-key mobile app that makes farmer's markets a viable solution in the post-COVID-19 world.