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legal education

Some clients of 214 Alpha have ultimate goals related to obtaining maximum sovereignty or gaining independence from other states as a separate jurisdiction. Others may want to utilize the steps available under international law for recognition purposes.

214 Alpha partners with Silver Shoe Jurisprudence, who provides education and templates on the legalities in creating a voluntary, consent-based organization, how to achieve cross enforcement and multi-lateral recognition.

Areas of consultancy include, but are not limited to:

  • How to use Free Trade Zones under international trade law to create an economy for the benefit of your community
  • We developed a process so you don't have to in community development. You can achieve sovereignty with an international thumb print; indigenous people can empower themselves through the enforcement of aboriginal title whether federally recognized tribe or not. U.S. based or not
  • How to apply finely tuned “smart contracts” to define expectations for all involved parties, using well-established concepts of contract law and notary-based administrative witnesses
  • Process for full assertion or re-assertion of rights under aboriginal title prior to implementation of the “Doctrine of Discovery” in order to gain separate international recognition as a sovereign body and regain rights to historic lands, if applicable
  • Ways in which non-federally recognized tribal groups can reassert these common law-based rights, stand in the shoes of the original contract participants, or reclaim the beneficial title to lands in the historical range of the tribe they are affiliated with
  • Rights via Private International Law that give everyone the fundamental right to contract with others, and to the unlimited commercial liability those contracts create

214 Alpha and Silver Shoe Jurisprudence understand why you and your community are looking for a better system.

If you have questions on these or any other matters related to legal education and resources your community may need, please feel free to reach out to Helen Hopaki Moma, Legal Education, 214 Alpha at, or Kent Dahlgren, CEO, 214 Alpha at